Videoguard Technology

Deep real time filtering to guarantee fraud-free, viewable and safe advertising

SelectMedia developed one of the industry’s strongest anti-fraud detection technologies, tightly integrated into our advertising stack. Our proprietary Video Guard Technology (VGT) analyzes each impression in real time to guarantee our advertisers get a clean, transparent and fraud-free media that is viewed according to industry regulations. We ceaselessly examine and assess each source to make sure no malicious content and activity is present.

Deep Real Time Filtering

Advertisers get a better experience with zero waste and no risk of undesired locations, as opposed to other solutions which can take up to 48 hours to detect and mark for fraud.

Built For Video

Video fraud patterns are different than those of Display, with heavier creatives and latency-constraints. Nonetheless, video is an extremely lucrative target for sophisticated fraudsters, since the format usually provides higher rates. We have developed customized tools based on deep domain experience to tackle

Built Into Our SSP

Based on genuine customer demand, VGT is tightly integrated into our stack, providing a seamless verification layer that guarantees a clean, safe, viewable and fraud-free media, without requiring advertisers to apply 3rd party tools.

How this works

VGT is designed to automatically authenticate each impression in real time. It identifies bot traffic, sees through masked sites and fake domains, and crunches through hundreds of data points to validate that a true person is viewing each individual video impression. VGT maintains a dynamic risk and authenticity profile for each source in the platform enabling to avoid high-risk impressions and to eliminate fraud before it happens.


VGT guarantees each impression to be:
Viewable By Humans

Compliant with iab regulations – working with all browser platforms VGT determines in real time whether an impression is valid for placement, and whether it will be viewable to humans according to the latest iab regulations.

Zero Tolerance For Fraud

Any publisher or site that commits fraud is immediately banned and removed from our servers.


By performing proxy unmasking and direct URL analysis, VGT maintains site-level transparency throughout the campaign, and can immediately identify and ban fraudulent sources.

Clean and Safe

VGT maintains a comprehensive risk-profile database, which includes tens of thousands of blacklisted sites, tracking online fraud sources and continuously updating and evolving. This way VGT can accurately identify and block bot traffic, script injections and other fraud activity.

100% Screened

Each impression is sandboxed and signature-analyzed at the point-of-impression and validated over dozens of criteria (such as initiation, placement above the fold, player size, and more), before a video ad is actually served.

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