SelectMedia collaborates with; The largest news website in Korea.

SelectMedia is excited to announce its partnership with With an impressive monthly visitor count of over 51 million and a staggering 150 million page views, stands as a beacon of journalistic excellence, delivering timely and comprehensive coverage to its audience in Korea. centered around the world of sports. With a commitment to excellence, has become a trusted source for sports enthusiasts seeking reliable and engaging content.’s content spans diverse topics, encompassing politics, culture, technology, and more, providing a holistic view of the dynamic world we inhabit. The platform’s values revolve around transparency, accountability, and a commitment to journalistic ethics, ensuring that its readers can place trust in the information they receive.

In the vibrant landscape of Korean media, distinguishes itself for its unwavering pursuit of truth, establishing itself as a reliable source for those seeking insightful and trustworthy news coverage in the fast-paced and ever-evolving global arena. has integrated SelectMedia’s unique ad unit, delivering outstanding key performance indicators, including 90% viewability and an impressive +85% completion rate for video advertising.

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* Category: News and media

* >51M monthly visits.
* >150M page views.

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