SelectMedia Marks an Exceptional Achievement by Attaining the Global TAG Certified Against Fraud and Brand Safety Certified Seals

SelectMedia is proud to announce it has been awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud and TAG Brand Safety Certified Seals by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading program to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising. 

To qualify for the certification programs, SelectMedia also underwent the process of becoming Verified by TAG, a proprietary background check that confirms companies as legitimate partners in the digital advertising supply chain.


To achieve its TAG certifications, SelectMedia verified its compliance with the rigorous standards put in place for the TAG Certified Against Fraud and Brand Safety Certified Programs, including the sharing of threat intelligence information and best practices around brand safety.

These certifications highlight SelectMedia’s leadership in combating the negative impact of ad misplacement across the digital advertising supply chain. 

Sagi Gordon, SelectMedia’s CEO, said, “Since our inception in early 2012, SelectMedia has

always been a champion of fraud protection with a mission to protect the brand safety of our clients. Fraud protection has become an inseparable part of our services to publishers and advertisers, which in turn gain huge value by avoiding damages wrought by ad fraud”. 


Sagi adds: “TAG is the industry’s leading certification program for brand safety and fraud, and they do so by setting high industry-wide standards,  analyzing and disseminating information on threats, and sharing best practices worldwide. That is why we chose to be a part of TAG’s unique Brand Safety and Fraud programs, increasing our collaborations with the most

influential brands, agencies, publishers, and ad tech providers”.

 A news article published by ‘WARC’ on 04/11/2020 showed the significance of TAG’s presence in the digital advertising world:


“Distribution channels signed up to the TAG Certified program in the US show a dramatic fall in ad fraud, a new study shows. The Trustworthy Accountability Group’s 2020 US fraud benchmark study, conducted by The 614 Group, shows a 90% reduction in fraud among TAG Certified distribution channels. Researchers found an IVT (invalid traffic) rate of only 1.05% across TAG Certified channels, which compares with an average within the industry of 10.83%.”

Mike Zaneis, the president and CEO at TAG said, “Cross-industry challenges like ad fraud and brand safety require cross-industry collaboration, and we are pleased that SelectMedia is stepping forward to demonstrate the high standards necessary to protect its clients and the entire supply chain”.

About SelectMedia: Established in 2012 by a veteran team of digital advertising professionals, SelectMedia is one of the largest and most trusted providers of digital video advertising solutions. The company is the first video full-stack provider to utilize fully automated technology that reviews ad placements in real-time to assure brand safety and delivery per IAB regulations. 


SelectMedia audits advertising campaigns in real-time to combat fraudulent traffic and invalid placements. It’s proprietary data-science driven technologies and large audience footprint globally drive inventory monetization and enable advertisers to reach targeted, brand receptive audiences across a wide spectrum of Internet-connected devices.


At SelectMedia we always look ahead and are constantly updating with the latest technologies for fighting fraud. Our collaboration with TAG signifies yet another accomplishment of ours in the brand safety field which allows our clients to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their brand.  


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