2022 Marketing Predictions

While some people thought the post-pandemic changes in the ad tech industry might be temporary, 2022 has proven to be a continuation and evolution of the new strategies adopted by companies to adjust to the pandemic reality.
In this article, we predict a few of the main changes we expect will be leading marketing strategies throughout 2022.

An increase in virtual and hybrid events

Following the past couple of years where social distancing has become the new norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have adopted a new way to continue their B2B and B2C events by offering virtual meeting options in addition to in person meetings. Although originally virtual events were not the ideal choice for many people, they have shown many benefits such as the ability to transcend geo locations, having many people attend from all over the globe. In addition the events can be held with minimum cost, and can also be recorded for later use. Now that many people have become more familiar with virtual conferences, these types of virtual events are likely to stick around and even become the ‘go to’ events for many businesses looking to increase brand awareness and find potential clients.

Quality Content

The quality of publishers content has continued to be the main focus for search engines like Google, and the prioritization of search engines towards this content has proven to be an effective way to generate great new leads. Investing in content can be a great strategy as it requires very little cost and provides great results. However, in order to do so, marketers must create a flow of fresh, interesting and engaging traffic. There are various ways companies can create great content throughout 2022, such as ways to get the audience engaged by creating interactive content through a variety of platforms which support short videos and live streaming, for example via instagram & facebook. Also the use of podcasts is a great way to get an audience’s attention and engagement. Another way to get the audience engaged is by using video which draws the attention of the viewers and according to some marketers increases the conversion rate. Video is also a great tool for increasing brand awareness, a subject that has become a focus for many companies during the last couple of years.

A customer-centric approach

In the past year we are witnessing a more competitive approach in regards to SEO and other forms of paid advertising. These changes require a shift in marketers strategy and adopt a more wholesome approach. This means, marketers should look at the bigger picture and view the average customer persona instead of focusing on keywords or content that is too general and doesn’t attract the right audience.

2022 is expected to continue the multi-channel marketing approach, where audiences can be reached in a variety of ways, such as online blogs, videos, influencers, podcasts, social channels etc. Through these different channels marketers can find new and innovative ways to learn about their customers and create engagement. This customer research method can point a brand in the right direction in terms of the message they use within their marketing strategy in order to attract their audience.

Strategizing Mobile-First

Mobile devices have become an inseparable tool for people to use for a variety of needs, shopping being one of these needs. In parallel the covid19 pandemic has accelerated the shift from physical shopping to online shopping. This מגמה is only going to grow during 2022, with the continuation of vast mobile use by people and customers. Therefore, companies and brands should focus on a mobile friendly approach, meaning that all websites are accessible and user friendly from various mobile platforms and devices.

The Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Since the start of the pandemic there has been an increase in clients using multiple platforms and devices to consume media content. These changes are likely to continue and expand into 2022. In order for brands to keep engaged and present in their audience day to day, marketers need to make sure they are utilizing the different platforms and channels available where they are most likely to get an audience engaged.

Moving away from third party ‘cookies’

Last year Google announced that they will be moving away from third party cookies early in 2022. This NEWS SET quite a bit of a frenzy throughout marketers and businesses which will need to make drastic changes to adjust their user tracking methods. This year many marketers will be shifting to new ways to receive user data via first party methods.In addition, these are various strategies to receive direct data from customers, such as via surveys, or getting consumers to engage with the brand via gamification methods like participating in online interactions (a type of gamification method).

Bottom Line

2022 will be all about adapting. The changes followed by the ongoing COVID pandemic continue to affect the way content is consumed and therefore, the strategies marketers choose to invest their focus on. Media consumption continues to rise and evolve, opening new opportunities to advertise via different devices, channels, and apps. In addition, Google’s shift away from third-party cookies brings many additional challenges for marketers to find the best new ways to accommodate user data and its preservation for better ad targeting in the future.

This article was written by Julie Nevo, Marketing Manager at SelectMedia.

Selectmedia is a full-stack technology solution that provides a holistic solution for publishers, including Video and CTV services.

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For more information on SelectMedia’s unique offering – Click Here


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