Advertiser Quality Guidelines

​SelectMedia works great for online businesses of all shapes and sizes. We do have some requirements though.

​These guidelines are designed to make sure every advertiser on SelectMedia can be clearly identified, to ensure that consumers see high quality ads from SelectMedia, and to comply with requirements from our ad network partners like Rubicon Project, Google, and OpenX to name a few.

​When you first sign up with SelectMedia, we will have your site audited by our network partners within 24 hours. If your site does not pass audit, you are welcome to make changes and write us at [email protected] to ask for it to be re-audited. We will review your request and resubmit sites on a case by case basis.

Adult Products

Ads may not promote the sale or use of adult products or services, including but not limited to toys, videos, publications, live shows, or sexual enhancement products.



We are not accepting new affiliate advertisers, advertisers promoting products in the affiliate space, “Mastermind” sites, Green Label Network, or sites that make use of Clickbank or other related affiliate services.


Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes & Steroids

Sites that promote the selling of alcohol, drugs, illicit drugs, steroids, or similar products are strictly prohibited all across the ad networks. Sale of tobacco brands, tobacco, and E-cigarettes are prohibited on all of the ad networks.


Clarity & Unverifiable Claims

Your site must clearly state what your product is and what it does. It must also not make claims that are unverifiable through reasonable means. Sites advertising products to help increase website visitors or Facebook fans will likely be rejected.


​Blogs/Informational Sites

Blogs or “informational” sites with little or no content, or blogs not selling a product or service will not be accepted.


​Dating Advertisers

Dating, matchmaking, or dating advice sites or products will not be accepted.


​Exit Popups/Browser Manipulation

Sites that use things like Exit Popups or any site/browser manipulation to prevent visitors from leaving will not be approved.

Financial Products

We welcome banks, credit unions, credit card companies, credit loans, and financial establishments as advertisers. Cash or Payday loan sites, stock trading/Forex strategy sites are prohibited, as are bitcoin sites, debt consolidation, and investment offers. Get rich quick and “make money online” type offers will not be accepted or approved. 


Gambling offers, services and products are prohibited. Ads that promote or facilitate online gambling, games of skill or lotteries, including online casino, sports book, bingo or poker, are strictly prohibited by all of the ad networks including Facebook Exchange.

Redirects and “Gateway” sites. Sites that redirect or serve only to direct someone to another domain will not be approved.

Terms and Privacy Policy

Your site must offer visitors a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Weapons & Explosives

Ads may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.



Your site must be working, complete, functional, and not return any browser or server errors. “Coming Soon” pages will not be accepted by the ad networks.

Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products like pills are prohibited. This is an extension of the “verifiable claims” rule from above.


SelectMedia reserves the right to refuse service to any advertiser at any time.

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