Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising is an automated marketing and advertising system which allows advertisements to be targeted at specific customers who may be interested in products or services companies are offering. 

This allows you to tailor your message to specifically engage the customers you know are interested.  For example, if you are selling cars, you will be able to target the market to only those customers who are interested in buying a car.

This technique is causing massive disruption to the advertising industry, and its use is set to rise exponentially in advertising campaigns over the next 6-8 years.

SelectMedia’s Programmatic Video Solution

SelectMedia’s Programmatic Video Solution

SelectMedia offers a complete video advertising SSP solution that will enable advertisers to monitor campaigns and their yields in terms of the effective campaign – per – mille impressions.
SelectMedia’s interface dashboard has an influential real – time platform which allows users to monitor their impact levels across different platforms and campaigns all from one central location.

Why choose Selectmedia’s Programmatic Video Advertising

In a highly competitive programmatic environment, it is vital that the most futuristic innovative streaming and viewability options are utilized to their fullest capacity. Adhering to financial restraints is a counterproductive strategy when trying to get ahead of the pack and optimize your video viewings and impacts internationally.

SelectMedia offers a unique user – interface dashboard which allows users to centrally manage video advertising campaigns across a multitude of international platforms from one place. Our unique selling point is the backend technology that powers our full stack video platform and mobile growth makes SelectMedia stand out from its competitors.

Our desktop technology is configured to maximize your video campaigns from their very foundations. We provide a set of highly advanced user tools which enable algorithms to predict, target, supply and enhance all your video impressions with accuracy.

SelectMedia’s Programmatic Video Advertising

If you’re looking for a one – stop solution for all your programmatic video advertising needs, SelectMedia has the quality, innovation and expertise to provide a video SSP platform to fulfill all your requirements.

We will help you stay ahead of your competitors with uniquely configured analytical tools which will help you make the most of your video advertising campaigns and reap maximum rewards in the most cost-effective way by enabling you to make key decisions based on customized micro-analysis.

We offer maximum campaign control, real time reporting and the ability to maximize your video advertising yields across international platforms.

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