Today’s complex programmatic landscape brings unique challenges requiring constant innovation — file sizes, streaming speeds and viewability, just to name a few. Relying solely on price is no longer a sufficient strategy, as the highest bid may not adequately display the creative halfway around the world.

the technology powering our mobile growth and full – stack video platform is what sets SelectMedia apart. Our custom technology stack is optimized from the ground up for video and mobile, applying a sophisticated set of analytical tools and predictive algorithms to target, deliver and optimize every impression with extreme precision.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage real-time predictive models to identify the best probability, price and audience match for each impression. The result is a highly differentiated and optimized targeting technology with the power to predict performance at scale across mobile and video.


With the perspective of billions of historical transactions, every combination of audience, media, creative and performance data is used to determine the optimal bidding strategy for every campaign. Never before has this much actionable data been available to advertisers with this much granularity and transparency.


Our real-time anti-fraud detection technology is one of the strongest in the industry. Tightly integrated into our tech stack, VGT analyzes each impression in real time to guarantee clean, viewable media that is free of malicious or fraudulent traffic.

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