Advantages of Floating Video Ads in Digital Campaigns

Today I would like to discuss floating video ads, which are different (and arguably better) than standard floating ads (AKA layer/overlay ads). Before reviewing floating video ads, I would like to discuss non-floating video ads, a format that marketers are most familiar with. The standard floating ad appears over a user-requested page and disappears after a specific time – usually around 30 seconds. The most common floating ads appear over a web page, whether that be on full screen or a small rectangular window. Often, floating ads include an option for sound and animation, as well as interactive components which help attract the ‘target audience. Floating ad formats generally aim to grab the attention of the user that they are targeting and tend to be more interesting than your usual display ad.

According to online figures, floating ads generate a click rate of around 30 clicks for every 1 thousand people that view them. This is a very similar rate to that of pop-up ads, and a lot higher than banner ads, which only generate around 5 clicks per 1 thousand impressions. Although pop-ups and floating ads are seemingly on the same wavelength in regards to clicks, many websites and experts lean more in favor of floating ads, mainly because they are less intrusive.

So What Is A Floating Video Ad?

Floating video ads are a relatively new format introduced to the advertising industry in recent years. This format has since become increasingly popular as it presents many advantages for marketers looking to increase brand awareness in their campaigns.

According to recent statistics by SelectMedia, publishers who use a floating video ad in their campaign had an 80% viewability rate vs only 25% viewability in campaigns with a non- floating video ad.

Similar to the standard floating ad, a floating video ad is designed to float over the page content while displaying a video ad to the user. The setup of the floating video ad is simple and can be embedded in the same fashion a non-floating ad would. Most advertisers set up the video ad to begin upon user scrolling away from the central player, and position it to float in the bottom corner of the page. According to many professional marketers, the floating video ads are a lot more memorable and generate an excellent impact on the brand it is advertising.

For those who are curious to see how these floating video ads look like, here is an example of a floating video format provided by SelectMedia.

Floating video ad format provided by selectMedia

How do floating videos differ from standard floating ads?

Unlike standard display floating ads which disappear after a specific time frame, floating video ads continue to display while the user scrolls over the page content. Another difference is floating video ads are usually limited in size and have no ‘full screen’ option.

Advantages of using a floating video ad

To Sum Up

Floating video ads are a beneficial option for any company looking to increase viewability and brand awareness through creative, eye-catching ads. These days many companys’ focus is shifting towards brand awareness and viewability. Marketers are investing more resources in video content while consumption of video in society continues to grow.


This article was written by Julie Nevo, Marketing Manager at SelectMedia.

Selectmedia is a full-stack technology solution that provides a holistic solution for publishers, including Video and CTV services.

SelectMedia works with the largest companies in Asia, and the top advertisers worldwide, allowing marketers to reach the right audience with the right message, across the globe. SelectMedia prides itself on being at the forefront of fighting ad fraud and has attained official certifications from the TAG program – certification seals Against Fraud + Brand Safety, proving leadership in combating the negative impact of​ ad misplacement across the digital advertising supply chain.

In addition, SelectMedia is an official member of the IAB SEA+India and is a part of IAB Europe official list of trusted brands and is officially approved as a TCF vendor, which means all European traffic is scanned for consent, preventing non consensual traffic from ever reaching the advertisers.


With SelectMedia, you will be able to fully monetize your CTV campaigns with the reassurance that your ads are served via top publishers that grant us with the app-ads.txt certification file and insure 100% compliance.

For more information on SelectMedia’s unique offering – Click Here

For more information on SelectMedia’s unique offering – Click Here


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