Rebuilding the trust in video campaigns in SEA

Transparent, Targeted, and Brand Safe: SelectMedia is the answer to your outstream video campaigns through direct publishers.

SelectMedia, the leading and fast growing advertising technology company in South East Asia is at the forefront of providing a safe and transparent platform to its customers.

Brand safety and transparency is often an issue of concern for most marketers. Customers who are exposed to an advertisement need to trust the brand. There needs to be confidence that the online advertisement is not linked with videos, websites or any other content that may conflict with its values.

SelectMedia’s slogan, “Rebuilding the trust in video campaigns in SEA!” points to the company’s continued efforts to provide a low risk and brand safe environment to its customers, a feat that other global advertising leaders such as YouTube have been unable to achieve as you can read here under:


When it comes to online advertising, it’s without a doubt that YouTube is among the leading players in the advertising industry. YouTube has been the dominant platform that publishes video content for its customers. Until recently, the Google-affiliated platform has been making high revenues, where nowadays we can see a significant decrease due to the company’s inability to regulate inappropriate content.

Recent developments in YouTube have led many companies to withdraw their advertising budgets. Speaking to Bloomberg, the companies have noticed that pedophile networks leave there remarks frequently in the comment section. Although Google has policies against children objectification, YouTube has struggled to control the content moderation. Many YouTube customers have considered the contents inappropriate and have opted against using its platform.

Given the current developments, the time is right for advertisers to rely on a brand safe and transparent platform.

SelectMedia does not only guarantee those attributes but also offers more, it’s without a doubt the best alternative for agencies to deliver their premium campaigns in South East Asia, MENA and beyond.

What We Offer To Our Advertisers:

High quality volume of Pre-roll and Outstream video inventory.

No UGC websites. Only premium sites with audited content.

Achieving and exceeding KPI’s

100% accountability

Only certified direct premium publishers allowed to deliver clients advertisement The above list is just an example of some of the incentives that the company guarantees its customers.

SelectMedia is indeed the future of video advertising.

For receiving our full direct website list per country and monthly volumes as well as rates, please contact us via this page.


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