SelectMedia Collaborates with; One of Taiwan’s Leading Technology and Finance Websites

SelectMedia is proud to announce its collaboration with With over 9M monthly visits and over 13M monthly page visits, is one of the largest technology  and finance websites in Taiwan!

Focused on the latest trends in technology, Internet, entrepreneurship and digital marketing, ‘BusinessNext’ is one of the most influential technology and finance websites in Taiwan.

Business Next Publishing Corporation was founded in 1999 by professionals with a shared interest in the future of Taiwan’s technology and Internet sectors. Business Next remains at the forefront of the key developments that are shaping their future, leveraging both experience and knowledge to light the way forward into the unknown.

Business Next leads market trends with a strong track record of astute insights delivered across three distinct social-media platforms. They are always testing new and innovative business models in a continuous quest to redefine and maximize their potential. implemented SelectMedia’s unique Video ad unit to offer great KPIs, such as 90% viewability and +85% completion for video advertising. over 430

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  • Category: Technology & Finance.
  • >9M monthly visits.
  • >13M monthly page views.
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