SelectMedia hires Anthony Grunstein as Regional MD in Asia to head the Company’s Video outstream.

Selectmedia has appointed former StoneBird Green MD Anthony Gruenstein to head the company’s video oustream business in Asia. StoneBird Green is the exclusive rights holders for Sky Sports short form digital content for SEA.


In his new role, Anthony will lead the sales strategy and advise media agencies on how to utilize and access SelectMedia’s technology stack and the lucrative video properties the company holds by partnering with the largest and most respected publishers in Asia and worldwide.


Grunstein expressed his good grasp of the workings of the industry and the role Selectmedia plays saying: “Building an ad adapted video stack solution for each agency and brand is a challenge, especially in Asia. What works for one agency may not work for the other. The media agencies need to adjust themselves for the next phase of video programmatic advertising and Selectmedia is enabling the SEA market with the right mix of technology, data, and media as a single solution”.


“Our prime target is to be a strategic partner for our media agencies and help them to ease the planning phase with our lucrative and broad access to some of the largest publishers and websites across all Asia, a feat achieved through our technology and our outstream video SSP solution particularly. We are also trying to push the performance model (CPCV) which we believe is the perfect metric for advertisers to know if their ad campaign works and they pay only based on actual delivery”.


Selectmedia CEO, Sagi Gordon, added: “The video business is evolving, and we are tapping into the performance model in Asia where advertisers pay for results. To succeed in this business, you must provide added values to your clients. I believe Antony will drive Selectmedia to execute the growth plan in the South East Asian region and help agencies expertly fuse together media, data, and our outsream video—all powered by our full stack technology platform”.


“The density of programmatic video advertising in the outstream video business means that Anthony’s solid track record of experience is going to help drive better business performances for our publishers and media agencies and we target to push the CPCV model hard”.

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