Selectmedia is now a global supplier on BidSwitch and is set to dominate Asia, MENA, and LATAM

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Selectmedia, an outstream video platform, is now a global supplier on BidSwitch and is set to dominate Asia, MENA, and LATAM. Selectmedia’s outstream supply can be accessed globally via BidSwitch.


The outstream video supply by selectmedia guarantees:


      1. High viewability. Ads only set to play when they’re 100% in-view. If the user scrolls away, the ad pauses until that user scrolls back or the ads float.

      2. No fraud. Outstream ad units only launch when the page they’re on registers a user action. Those actions can’t be faked by bots.

      3. Cost effective. outstream units cost 10-25% cheaper than ones in pre-roll placements.

      4. Completion. High completion rate. Above 70%

      5. Performance. Pay only when videos have been viewed.


Selectmedia, a video outstream platform, is now connected to the BidSwitch infrastructure as a global supply partner. This move is set to increase the company’s presence in Asia, MENA, and LATAM. Selectmedia’s outstream provides publishers and media agencies a platform that is authentic, cost effective and offers high viewability and completion rates.


BidSwitch is smart infrastructure for the global programmatic advertising ecosystem, that allows connected technology partners to access new platforms and services, optimize bidstream performance and trade flexibly and efficiently. BidSwitch is completely neutral and never takes a position on media. Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 450 supply and demand technology partners globally; Selectmedia is now to be included to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, native and video, all via a single standardized integration. By integrating with BidSwitch, demand partners can now instantly access Selectmedia’s lucrative video properties using RTB through normalized protocols.


SelectMedia is a full-stack video technology solution for the digital advertising ecosystem. Major publishers use our comprehensive suite of video and display advertising tools to eliminate cost, maximize yield and create exposure to new demand sources. We provide advertisers with direct access to high quality video and display inventory on a Pan-Oceanic scale, as well as access in MENA and LATAM with guaranteed quality, viewability and brand safety.


SelectMedia was established in 2012 by a veteran team of digital advertising professionals and partners with the industry’s most respected publishers and advertisers and is widely considered one of the most trusted video and display technology platforms in the international ad space.


If you have questions or interested to join as a publisher and use our technology, please contact the team here

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