SelectMedia is partnered with Burda Poland; One of the top three publications in Poland

SelectMedia is proud to announce the collaboration with Burda Poland; one of the top three largest publishers in Poland. 


With over 26 million unique monthly users visiting over 46 magazines of the world’s largest brands such as ELLE, Glamor, Gala, National Geographic, Focus, and strong local brands such as Claudia, Dobre Rady, Moje Gotowanie Sielskie Życie or Przyslij Przepis. 


Its portfolio includes highly profiled on-line products:,,,, sendprzepis, pl,,, 


In the list of advertising revenues and reach ranges, Burda is among the three largest publishers in Poland,  with 47 million monthly Page views.  


Worldwide, Burda International is one of the world’s largest media and technology companies, operating in 17 countries. It employs 3,500 employees and owns 350 media brands.


In Poland, for over 25 years they have been passionately developing the media market, meeting the changing technological and content expectations of recipients of all ages.


Burda Poland implemented the Selectmedia’s unique ad unit, In-Article to offer great KPI’s such as 90% viewability and +85% completion for video advertising with all their online magazines. 



Women: >7M uu a month

Page views per month: >47M

our unique ad unit offers great KPI’s such as 90% viewability and +70% completion for video advertising.

To apply using our solution for publishers, please contact us here

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