SelectMedia to introduce CPCV model to 100% of its premium publisher supply in Asia, MENA and beyond

What is the Selectmedia’s Connected TV?

SelectMedia a video outstream platform headquartered in Singapore and with offices across Asia is introducing an advanced CPCV model covering all of its publisher supply in ASIA, MENA and beyond.


The CPCV (Cost Per Completed View) model refers to the fact that advertisers only pay once their video ads have been viewed through to completion (100% completed view).


This is unlike in the past where an advertiser would pay when only 40% to 80% of video ads were actually viewed.


One of the most important elements for advertisers today is the completion rate as well as viewability. SelectMedia’s CPCV model is poised to be a major draw for Agencies in Asia and MENA since it guarantees results for their clients based on performance.


For Publishers there is no change as they still get paid on the traditional CPM basis. In the end it is Selectmedia that will take the risk and not the publisher. The only interest from the publisher side is the business Selectmedia will bring as well as realizing their required CPM and in most cases the publisher can enjoy a lift in CPM if the performance for the advertiser is good. (Following good KPI’s such as greater than 85% of viewability and 75% of completion rate).


It is important to note that although SelectMedia’s CPCV model is being introduced in Asia and MENA it originated in the US a few years back and so far the model has been very successful. Owing to this success the SelectMedia has seen its model garner more interest especially in Asia and MENA with more and more of its clients in this region embracing it.


SelectMedia works with some of the largest local and international sites in the world with a major focus on local sites across Asia and MENA.


A partial list can be seen by following this link:


To receive a complete site list or to join our CPCV advertising program please go to this link: and we will make sure to reply very quickly.



Contact us for more information, site list, rates as well as inventories for specific markets: here

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