How VCP works?

With Selectmedia’s VCP, publishers can get an easy way of incorporating videos on their pages without having the hassle of everyday content management.

VCP is a fully customizable video unit that integrates seamlessly with website article content , and lifts audience engagement. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm understands both your content and users by showing the most relevant engaging videos.

VCP allows producing videos  at an unprecedented scale with the power of automation; It automatically transforms existing text, data, images and assets of your page into professional videos with one simple code.

The added values using VCP

Publish automatically using AI trending and breaking news videos in record time on the fly without user intervention. VCP uploads fresh videos based on your latest article pages. Our AI engine reacts to stories in minutes without you doing anything.

VCP serves as an excellent tool for publishers to create a short-form video for their stories across all content verticals, and a great way to increase the volume of page views and revenues by consuming more content organically.


VCP optimizes video content and matching it with other elements on the web page encourages additional video plays and paves the way for quality video views.

The unique power behind VCP is the ability to make videos that allow publishers to utilize pre-selected video content and to get access to reliable AI-based video technology, which triggers a handy content matching system, all thanks to a single, easily implemented embedded code.

Of course, VCP also includes everything you need for monetization. It’s a tool that gives you full control, and yet you don’t have to worry about reaching audiences or the task of seeking out the perfect content. All of that is done for you.

Easy Implementation

Publisher implements one simple VCP embedded code and place it on the website, and the video player will automatically optimize the best playlist of videos to best suit your website. The best and most relevant videos will be selected from your constantly updated library using AI.

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